Why does Waave need to access my banking data?

Waave requires you to share your banking data for a few reasons;

1. Account Name, Type and Balance 

Account name 

Waave needs to match your Bank account name to the one we have verified you with. Consider it a security feature that Waave won't let anyone that isn't you use your Waave account.

Account Type 

Waave needs to ensure the account type you are selecting is the one in which money can be debited. Not all accounts can be used for transaction purposes.

Account Balance 

Waave needs to ensure that you have enough money to pay for the purchase you are making.

2. Account Number and Features

Waave needs to verify the account number you are giving consent with to the account you are linking

3.  Transaction Details

This allows Waave to display transaction history on your account.

4. Direct debit and scheduled payments

Waave uses these details to show you what direct debits and subscriptions you have active. It's kind of nice to be in control :)

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